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1500mg CBD Tincture

1500mg CBD Tincture

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Product Details: 1500mg CBD Tincture 1oz, 48mg of CBD per dropper. We mix our CBD with food grade organic coconut MCT oil aka fractionated coconut oil - coconut derived - certified kosher and non-GMO. Full Spectrum: meaning we tried to keep all the plant matter when extracting CBD. Less than .3% THC. Emulsified in a pharmacy grade lab. 


Description: The 1500mg dose is a more bang for for buck. You can choose to take a 1/3 of the dropper, 1/2 or a full dropper depending on your need. Can be used as a massage oil as well.

  • Guidance

    Please note that every body is different when absorbing CBD. Start with a few drops. Dose as needed. Remember CBD is maintenance to the body. Just like having to take your vitamins and eating healthy.

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